Southern Junior Brown and Black Belt Grading. Sunday, 24th November 2019

The grading is open to any student below the age of 18 years looking to grade for their 3rd Kyu brown belt up to Junior Nidan.


Sunday, 24th November 2019

Time: All grades

Pre-grading training session: 11:00 - 13:00
Grading: 13:30 - 16:00 (with breaks)

The training is for 3rd Kyu and above and all students are encouraged to attend even if not grading.  Anyone wishing to stay on and help out with the sparring for the grading is more than welcome.

Please remember 1st Kyu students must wait at least a year before attempting their Shodan grade. The gap between shodan and nidan is a minimum of two years. All students must have attended at least two regional or national events in the year of attempting any of these gradings.

The purpose of the training session is to prepare the candidates for the grading that follows and hopefully relax them so they can enjoy the whole experience that much more. Although the pre-grading training is not part of the official grading process, candidates should be encouraged to remain focused and always do their best. The grading panel will use the time to identify any students they feel should consider withdrawing from the grading this time around because they are not as fully prepared as they could be. It avoids candidates, especially our younger members, putting themselves through the grading ordeal only to be disappointed at the end. It also saves the parents a lost grading fee.

Please make sure your EGKA membership is up to date for the grading. You can renew your membership online (click here).

Grading Venue:

Ash Vale Bridge Road,
Ash Vale,
Surrey ,
GU12 5EU

Pre-Grading Training Session fee:

Cost - £10.00

Grading fees:

Brown belt fees - £40.00
Junior Shodan exam fee - £100.00
Junior Nidan exam fee - £120.00

Please pay on the day, bringing either the exact amount in cash, or a cheque made payable to the "EGKA". For administration reasons, please pay the training and grading fees separately.

There is a 50% grading fee reduction for candidates retaking their black belt gradings within 12 months.

Application forms:

Dan Grade Registration Form (requires photo)

Kyu Grade Registration Form (requires photo)

Please make sure they are completed and handed into the registration desk on the day.

Avoid common mistakes

Please DO NOT post your application forms. Ask your dojo sensei to confirm you have completed the form correctly and then bring it with you to hand in on the day of the grading.

Make sure you have firmly attached a colour photograph. Make sure your Sensei has signed the form. Make sure you have completed the Katakana section (Dan forms only).

The most common mistake is that we discover a candidate’s EGKA membership has lapsed. Candidates will not be allowed to grade, or will even have their success reversed if they are not in membership on the grading day. So please make sure your EGKA membership is up to date.

Remember you will also need to bring your white EGKA membership booklet for inspection on the day.