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Existing EGKA members registering online for the first time

  To register online as an existing EGKA member for the first time, please click the button  


The information on this page only applies to existing EGKA members looking to register online for the first time in advance of the expiry date of their current subscription, or for those requiring to make an payment (immediately online or by cheque in the post) to renew a membership that is about to expire, or indeed one that has already lapsed.

If this does not apply to you, click here to be returned to the membership options page.

When you begin the registration process you will be asked to select one of the seven following options:
    1. Single Adult Membership - register & pay online £45.00
    2. Single Junior Membership - register & pay online £ 25.00
    3. Single Infant Membership - register & pay online £ 25.00
    4. Family Membership - register & pay online £ 80.00 per year
    5. Existing EGKA member with current membership in force (all subscription levels)
    6. Non-Lead family member (non-paying)
    7. Unregistered new applicant paying by cheque in the post.

Ignore option 7, which does not apply to your situation. The key to making the right choice from the first 6 options above depends upon whether you intend to make an online card payment at the same time you register.

Registering with no immediate need to pay anything yet

If your annual subscription renewal is not due for payment for a number of months, then you should choose option 5. If you are registering as a non-lead family member then choose option 6. See the Family Membership section below.

Renew today - paying online by card or through your PayPal account

If your membership has lapsed or is soon about to expire … and you wish to make an immediate online card payment you should choose one of the first four registration options. The system also accepts payments through your PalPal account if you have one. You will have to complete the payment transaction in order for the registration to succeed. If the final payment fails or if you abort you will have to start again.

Renew by Cheque

If you just wish to register and make a payment by cheque, please select option 5.


Once you have selected one of the options, you will next be presented with an online questionnaire to complete. The information we ask you to provide is necessary to allow us to better manage the needs and expectations of the general membership and fulfil our moral and statutory obligations in respect of safeguarding and insuring your safety.

Questions with a red ‘*’ asterisk must be answered before you can save and submit the form.

One of the compulsory questions you will asked to answer is the date your EGKA membership should start from. It will be one of the following dates:
  i. The first day of your current paid-up subscription that has yet to expire;
  ii. The day after your last paid-up subscription ended (i.e. you have a lapsed EGKA membership requiring back-dating); or
  iii. The day you restarted training after a prolonged absence of more than 12 months.

What happens next

When you save this questionnaire you will either be advised your application has been received, or invited to pay for your subscription by debit or credit card in the case of options 1-4. The online payment system is managed by PayPal by their secure online collection process. We do not handle or store any of your debit or credit card details on our system.

When you make your application, the system holds your record in a pending file for the Membership Secretary to approve. Once your application has been approved, you will be able to receive information bulletins from both your local dojo and EGKA Central about up-and-coming events and other news. You will also receive a timely reminder to renew your membership each year in future.

One of the key advantages of the online system is you can keep us informed of any changes in your contact information and the dates you grade.

Once you have created an online account, it provides you with third party and personal accident insurance cover for any occasion you are training under the supervision of one of our recognised Instructors or Assistant Instructors at an EGKA dojo or EGKA organised and sanctioned event.

EGKA Instructors

If you are an Instructor or an Assistant Instructor, we also ask you to keep us informed of the following extra information:

  • The date of your last CRB Check
  • The expiry date of your First Aid Certification
  • The expiry date of your Instructor Insurance

Applying for membership by overland post … or paying by cheque

If you don’t wish to pay by online debit or credit card, you can still register using option 5, and then pay by cheque by downloading and completing the following form and posting both to the address given within.

Family memberships

If it is to your advantage, we are pleased to offer a discount to members of the same immediate family. The offer is restricted to two adult parents and any number of their children under the age of 18 still living at home. It will be necessary to create the lead family member first (Option 4) who will be the person billed each year. You then need to create separate accounts for each of the other members of the family (Option 6) and link them to the lead-family member. It sounds much more complex than it actually works out in practice when applying. The system makes it pretty obvious what you need to do as you go through the process.

  To register online as an existing EGKA member for the first time, please click the button