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EGKA National Championship 2018
Sunday, 30th September 2018, Note: Change of venue REDDITCH

The EGKA National Championships are an open event this year for Juniors and Cadets of 9th Kyu and above and Adults of all grades. As there is no qualification requirement via the Regionals, there is an entry fee to pay. The entry form and fee is to be handed to each dojo instructor.

The closing date for entries is receipt by the co-ordinator on Sunday 16th September 2018. Entries will not be accepted after this date.

Please ensure that all information is entered correctly as any mistakes or omissions will mean that the student will not be entered in the competition.

We cannot run this event without the help of volunteer referees, timekeepers and scorers. So please confirm to Philip Norfolk (email: Secretary@egka.org.uk) if you are available to help on the day as soon as possible. There will be refreshments provided to all Referees and Assistants throughout the day.

Event Timetable/Details

    1. Sensei Ernie will be the Chief Referee.
    2. The event is open to Juniors and Cadets of 9th kyu (yellow belt) and above, and Adults of all grades
    3. The day will start at 09:00 when the children will be organised into their respective groups and mats.
    4. The event will start at 09:30 with the lowest grade / youngest children first progressing to Adults in the afternoon.
    5. We may include an Adults veteran (45 yrs plus) category in both kata and kumite if there is enough interest.
    6. There wil be Team kata for juniors and cadets only. Please refer to your instructor for team name.
    7. Kumite rules will be Shobu Ippon, except for Adult Black Belts who will compete under Iri Kumi rules.
    8. Shin and Insteps and gloves must be worn – no MMA type will be allowed.
    9. Each mat area will be allocated a Senior Referee plus Assistants, timekeepers and scorers.
    10. The event will aim to finish by circa 17:00.

Entry Form

Please download and complete this Competition Entry Form and hand it to your Dojo Sensei as soon as possible before the lastest entry submission date of Sunday 16th September 2018.

Latest Entry Submission Date

The final entry date for all entries to be submitted by Dojo Instructors to the co-ordinator, (Register: register@egka.org.uk), is 16th September 2018. So please get your entry form to your instructor well before that date - please check with your instructor for their latest entry deadline. If you have any other queries please refer to your instructor.

Dojo Instructors please download the dojo entry spreadsheet Dojo Entry Spreadsheet and forward fully completed for all your dojo members.

Entry Fees:

We have kept the competition entry fee down to the same as previous years, namely £20.00
Entrants may elect to compete in one of the individual kata, group kata or sparring competitions, or all three.

Venue: NOTE: Change of venue

Trinity High School & Sixth Form Centre
Easemore Road,
Worcs, B98 8HB

All participants must ensure their EGKA membership is up to date for personal insurance reasons. To renew expired memberships, please click here.