A punching combination with emphasis on keeping your guard up to protect yourself

The EGKA produce these videos to encourage more people to take up Goju Ryu Karate.

Being able to launch into a devastating combination of powerful jabs and straight punches is fine if your opponent is just going to stand there and let you hit them.

Unfortunately, most opponents will easily block the first punch you throw, and will be intent on launching an immediate counter of their own. So you have to keep your own guard up to protect your vulnerable head and ribs at all times.

Sensei Ernie and Sensei Roy demonstrate a very effective, close quarter punching combination you should practise as often as you can. It not only teaches you a useful combination of punches, it will also train you to keep your guard up and where it should be, without even thinking about it.

Your opponent should watch out for you dropping your guard, and lightly tap you out if the head or ribs are left exposed.

Punching Combination: Keeping your guard up!