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  • Bournemouth EGKA Summer Black Belt Grading
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  • Sensei Paul Nolan
  • Sensei Felix Nelson and Sensei Roy Flatt
  • Sensei Daphne Leister
  • Sensei Steve Gouldson
  • Goju-Ryu mawashi geri block in preparation for knee counter or throw
  • Sensei Mike Draper
  • Goyu-Ryu teaches that the most valuable achievments in life only come after lots of hard work. This young student was only hours away from being awarded his black belt.
  • Morio Higaonna Shihan
  • Sensei Debbie Bussell
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  • Sensei Bournemouth EGKA Summer Black Belt Grading
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  • Sensei Terauchi Kazuo - Bournemouth Gasshuku
  • Goju-Ryu Karate - many boys and girls start young and achieve their black belts in their early teens
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  • Bournemouth EGKA Summer Black Belt Grading
  • Sensei Nick Burr
  • Morio Higaonna Shihan
  • Sensei Paul Bussell
  • Arm lock and throw techniques are just as important in Goju-Ryu Karate as learning to deliver an effective punch or kick
  • Goju-Ryu mae geri block and catch in preparation for take-down throw
  • Goju-Ryu - The joy of exercise
  • Concentrating on basic punching increases stamina and power, a prelude to the quicker and more effective techniques used in sparring
  • Goju-Ryu arm lock
  • Sensei Linda Marchant
  • Sensei Alan Woodhouse
  • Goju-Ryu block and counter mawashi geri
  • Sensei Sean Casey
  • Basic punching drills
  • Sensei Feridun Shakir - Kent
  • Sensei Neil Meadows
  • Sensei Ernie Molyneux
  • Sensei Andy Barker
  • Sensei Terauchi Kazuo - Bournemouth Gasshuku
  • Sensei Terauchi Kazuo - Bournemouth Gasshuku
  • Sensei George Weston
  • Sensei Ffil Norman
  • Sensei Guy Keen
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Sensei Peter Galer
  • Sensei Roy Flatt
  • Sensei Neville Kinghorn
  • Sensei Andre Leister
  • Sensei Bakkies Laubscher
  • Sensei Terauchi Kazuo - Bournemouth Gasshuku
  • Sensei Terauchi Kazuo - Bournemouth Gasshuku


28 to 29 November 2015 EGKA Winter Gasshuku

Over 120 members travelled to Liverpool to attend the English Goju-ryu Karate Association winter gasshuku.

A great weekend of training was led by Sensei Ernie, Vice Chief Instructor of IOGKF and the Chief Instructor of the EGKA.

The theme of the Gasshuku was to pass on the knowledge from the recent trip to Okinawa, with a focus on standardisation of correct Kata form across all grades.

Congratulations to all those that pass their grading on Sunday afternoon.

3 to 7 November 2015 IOGKF Chief Instructors Gasshuku

English Goju-ryu Karate Association at the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan during the International Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate Federation Chief Instructors Gasshuku dated 3rd to 7th November 2015.

Huge congratulations to the new 7th Dans in Senseis Peter Galer, Steve Gouldson, Mike Draper, Steve Hallam and Nigel Thomas with Sensei Guy Keen a new 6th Dan. An incredible achievements and a huge boost for the EGKA so we congratulate one and all!

The EGKA also congratulates Bakkies Sensei on acheiving IOGKF 9th Dan and Senseis Henrik Larsen, Jorge Monteiro, Luis Nunez obtaining IOGKF 8th Dan.

18-10-2015 Photographs of the Stratford National Championships

Photographs of the recent National Championships are now available to view and purchase.

The Championships are now available to view and purchase online via Facebook or through the gallery on the Keen Image website.

Members can order and purchase hard copy prints, or download images, directly online from these sites. Click here for further details, discount codes, and how to order.

You can always email Sensei Guy at guy@keenimage.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

18-10-2015 EGKA National Championships 2015 at Stratford

Congratulations to all the medal winners who went to Stratford to take part in the Nationals. We hope everyone who attended the event enjoyed the day.

Sensei Linda worked hard organising the draw and we are very pleased to confirm and post the medal results for Sunday.

Sensei Ernie wishes once again to thank all the parents who made the journey to Stratford to support the event, and of course every one of the volunteer organisers and helpers who put in their time to prepare and run the competition. Without that support, the event would not be the annual success it is.

22 to 31 August 2015 - EGKA Senior Instructors visit Higaonna Sensei

EGKA Senior Instructors Sensei Ernie Molyneux, Sensei Roy Flatt and Sensei Paul Nolan headed for Okinawa to train and visit with Higaonna Sensei at the hombu dojo prior to attending the Japanese Gasshuku in Yokohama, Japan. Higaonna Sensei is continuing his recovery and instructed on hojo undo exercises, sanchin kata, kakie and on a few occasions gave brief history lessons on hojo undo, the different kangi used for the various kata and about different people who had trained with Chojun Miyagi Sensei.

13 August 2015 - Higaonna Sensei Recovery

Great news from IOGKF as Higaonna Sensei continues to recover and is doing very well in Okinawa. Sensei is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Budosai in July 2016!

Higaonna Sensei taken ill over Christmas and remains in ICU

We regret to inform you that on the Tuesday, 27th December Higaonna Sensei was unexpectedly taken gravely ill at home in Okinawa, and was admitted to hospital as an acute emergency case.

At the request of Sensei’s family, news of his sudden illness was not made public to all until this week.

Nakamura Sensei has been in constant contact with the family, and although Higaonna Sensei remains in intensive care, he is now stable and improving. His doctors believe he will soon be moved to a general ward and although he is expected to remain in hospital for at least the next month, the prognosis is very optimistic. Higaonna Sensei’s brother and sisters are visiting him daily. Eric and Alanna are there to support him.

Nakamura Sensei has requested that the privacy of the family should be respected at this difficult time. They are comforted by the knowledge that every member of the IOGKF family will wish to send messages of support and best wishes for his full recovery, but for the moment all such message are requested to be sent to admin@iogkf.com. Nakamura Sensei will make sure all message are delivered to Sensei at a later stage in his recovery.

Sensei Ernie, on behalf of every member of the EGKA, wishes Higaonna Sensei a full recovery and that he, and his family, are in all our thoughts.

Sensei Damion at the WUKF British Open Karate Championships

On 2nd November 2014 myself and Hasha England Karate Squad entered in the WUKF British Open National Karate Championships, that was held in Birchwood Warrington.

A busy day with lots of junior and cadet categories. Late morning saw the senior male kata (18yrs and above) kick off with 14 competitors from a wide range of traditional styles. Kata was over three rounds and to my surprise I won a bronze medal. The day was off to a good start.

Next was the Vets Mixed Kata competition. To be honest, I found it odd to have male and female competing against each other at this level, but the event was well supported with 19 competitors. Again over three rounds, which ended with three of us on equal point for 1st place. So onto round four that again found me tied for 1st place. Onto round five, which I am glad to say I won by 0.2 of a point. So, for the first time ever, a National Kata title! Then I really did know it was going to be a good day.

Anyway, onto team kumite, which found myself and my team mates fighting Leed’s Shuko Kai in the final … and yes Gold number 2.

Onto individual kumite (35yrs +), which wasn’t really that well supported with just 10 competitors. Anyway, off to a flying start with 4 fights straight to a final and my 9th National Title.

So all in all, a great day at the office with three golds and a bronze. So what next … Well next year will see me compete for the last time internationally, as I intend to move into a new arena … K1. A lot of hard work to be done, and I will keep you posted.

I would just like to say it’s been a great honour to have represented my country and the EGKA in so many tournaments around the country and across the World. Thanks to the EGKA for their continued support. I just hope I can emulate my success in the K1 arena. We are not be a system that advocates competing, yet my time demonstrates we can hold our own with the best of them - all it takes is lots of hard work. I’ve been lucky enough to take traditional Goju Ryu karate and showcase it around the world to demonstrate it still remains a valid fighting system. Again …thank you for all your support. Ous!

Sensei Damion - Nov 2014

Photographs of the Stratford National Championships

Photographs of the recent National Championships are now available to view and purchase as well as mugs and key rings as detailed below.

The Championships are now available to view and purchase online via Facebook or through the gallery on the Keen Image website.

Members can order and purchase hard copy prints, or download images, directly online from these sites. Click here for further details, discount codes, and how to order.

Sensei Keen also holds some residual mugs and key-rings from the event. There are only a small number left. So if you wish to reserve one click here for further details.

You can always email Sensei Guy at guy@keenimage.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

EGKA National Championships 2014 at Stratford

Congratulations to all the medal winners who went to Stratford to take part in the Nationals over the weekend. We hope everyone who attended the event enjoyed the day as much as the organisers did.

The event management team and Heather McClements worked hard overnight and we are very pleased to confirm and post the medal results for Sunday.

This year Sensei Linda and her team from the Tooting Dojo swept the board with 16 Gold, 10 silver and 4 bronze medals. Sensei Mike and his team from the Hooton Dojo came a very commendable second with 11 gold, 4 silver and 11 bronze medals. Sensei Andre and Daphne with their Paddock Hill team won 3 Gold, 9 silver and 7 bronze medals to come third in the overall medals table. Well done to all three teams.

Sensei Ernie wishes once again to thank all the parents who made the journey to Stratford to support the event, and of course every one of the volunteer organisers and helpers who put in their time yesterday to prepare and run the competition. Without that support, the event would not be the annual success it is.

£3,000 - All it takes is 72 individuals to sweat a little (OK … a lot)

It always serves to remind everyone that we, as individuals, can make a difference. Congratulations to all of the 72 participants who took part in the 2014 Sponsored Press Up Event that was organised by Sensei Steve Timpson last week. Between them they painfully pushed their way through to raise £3,000 for the charity for injured Royal Marines and their families. A great achievement for a worthy cause.

Rena Prasad wins Australian Nationals Title, 2014

The EGKA would like to congratulate Reena Prasad of the Bournemouth Karate Academy on her recent achievement.

Earlier this year she returned to New Zealand to compete in the IKO1 Kyokushinkai full contact tournaments.

There she won the open weight female kumite division in a local regional tournament that was contested by current national champions.

She missed out on the New Zealand nationals due to injury, but went on to compete in the Australian nationals held in Brisbane where she won the female middle weight division.

We are extremely proud of her achievements and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.

Ralph Elliott-King, BKA Secretary

Summer 2014 Junior Grading

Congratulations to all those who passed their grading examinations on 20th July 2014.

Junior 1st Kyu

J Connell
M Osbourne
S Donoghue
C Burchall
J Goorwappa
D Goorwappa
K Platt

Junior Shodan

J Pritchford-Steel
S Parkinson
O Wong
E Cleworth
E Gafney
M D’Annunzio

Sensei Damion takes the AMA Nationals Sanbon Kumite Gold at Leigh.

"On Sunday 6 July I attended the AMA National Championships, held in Leigh Sports village, Leigh.

The tournament was very well attended and it had to be split over 2 days. Saturday consisted of kata, while Sunday focused on kumite.

Unfortunately I was not available to attend Saturday (work commitments), but all in all a good day was had on Sunday.

Adult senior kumite kicked of at 14:00 with two sections, ippon and sanbon kumite. I entered the sanbon event. I had five fight including the final with the following results: 6-3, 4-2, 5-2, 3-1, and 6-4. A great day’s results.

So that’s the Worlds, Europeans, and now the British Tiles obtained this year. What do I do now ? … Retire? … Watch this space 2015 … Ous!"

Results of the June 2014 Grading at the Littledown, Bournemouth

Congratulations to all those who passed their grading examinations this summer.

Junior 1st Kyu

K Richards
S Al Sayyad
D Alkhovic
M Thompson
A Perfect
B Rogers
J Bradley
J Cape
W Moore
J Burns
J Cromwell
I Foulkes
L Jackson
J Wells
B Egan

Junior Shodan

J Porter
E Clark
G Fore
D Merritt
M Clarke-Collins
D Brown
B Cheeseman
P Hall

Junior Nidan

M Wheatley
S Elson

Adult 1st Kyu

G Barnard
R Place
S Tilbury
G Omand
E Pennink
M Perfect
T Mills
K Williams
A Dalrymple
C Loach
G Kirby

Adult Sandan

L Hall
W Kotnariwski
J McClelland

Adult Nidan

M Laluque
M Smith
K Goodman
M Hearty
C Gould

Hasha England take Gold at WJKA Europeans, Sensei Damion takes second European Silver.

"I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and yet again it’s proven that we can compete in international and world competitions and place. Great day for Hasha and a fantastic day the EGKA."

Also a great day for Sensei Damion. Congratulations - Editor.

EGKA team brings home the medals at the WUKF English Open.

The English Shotokan Karate Federation sent Sensei Linda an invite to their English Open Tournament to be held on 4th May. It was the type of competition that Sensei has been keen for her students to participate in and fly the flag for Goju Ryu. Well done to the eighteen EGKA students who entered the competition from Sensei Linda’s and Sensei Andre’s dojos, and congratulations to the following medal winners:

Ciara McGrath, Kumite Gold
Jazzmin Williams, Open Kumite Gold
Mathilde Laluque, Kumite Silver
Ciara McGrath, Open Kumite Silver
Jordan Williams, Kumite Bronze
Rachel Anstee, Individual Kata Bronze
Team Kata Bronze - R Anstee, F Rashid, N Rashid
Team Kata Bronze - D Anstee, S Elson, E Wiltshire

Sensei Linda has written a full article which can be viewed at:

Congratulations to Sensei Damion - New Kizuna World Champion 2014

Sunday, 4th May: I attended the first Kizuna World Cup as part of the Hasha Karate England Delegation.

It was a long and busy day and all categories were bursting with participants. The mens’ open weight category I was competing in started with 19 entrants.

I fought five fights to get through to the final, beating opponents from Poland, Germany Malta and England.

In the final I was faced off against an English karate ka member of the F.E.K.O. squad.

It was a close fight, but I pulled through winning by 2.5 - 2 (ippon and wazarri).

So, I was pleased to be crowned the first Kizuna World Champion - 2014.

Sensei Damion - May 2014

Editor’s Comment:
It seems I am regularly congratulating Sensei Damion on his competition successes and long may that continue. He IS an inspiration to all of our younger up and coming talent. If you are keen to start training to follow in his footsteps, speak first to your dojo sensei. They will know who to contact in the EGKA to help and support you in your competition endeavours. Part of the remit of the EGKA is to actively support talented members who show the personal determination and make the necessary training commitment to succeed at national and international competition. As Sensei Damion will tell you, nothing worth having comes easy, but you actually have to ‘start’ the journey if you intend to one day arrive holding a trophy.

Can’t keep a good man down

The last time I spoke to Sensei Damion he was retiring from active competition to concentrate on his new dojo. I recently received the following missive and I can only wish him the very best of luck in June!

"On Saturday, 26 April I attended the Hasha England Squad selection.

The selection was headed by Sensei George Best (ex KUGB squad member and multi British and European champion). Hasha which means ‘champion of champions’.

I was extremely honoured to be asked, never mind allowed, to try out.

Hasha is affiliated to the WJKA (world Japanese karate association) and I’m proud to say that I will be the only Goju Ryu karate ka to grace the mats in the up and coming WJKA Europeans in June

I hope this proves to all that you don’t have to limit yourself or your abilities. If you want it, all you have to do is work hard to obtain it.

I will keep you all posted on how myself and the rest of the Hasha England get on, Oss!"

Sensei Damion - April 2014

My first year as ‘Sensei’

I had never really considered running my own dojo until early 2013 when the club I had trained with for several years left the IOGKF.

I wanted to remain part of the IOGKF family, so I either needed to find another dojo to train with or finally find the courage to run my own.

The decision to open my own dojo was made easier for me thanks to a number of my friends within the association who had faith in my abilities and offered their support during the initial stages.

I am pleased to say many of these people are now my students.

For several days running up to the first class I was unbelievably nervous. At 29 years I had only been responsible for my own progression, and now I was going to be passing on my knowledge to others, guiding them on their karate journey. My teaching could forever shape how my students felt about Goju Ryu.

On Monday 15th April 2013, Eastleigh Goju Ryu Karate Do held its first ever class. Ten friends came to train and support us on that first night. Seven of these went on to form the core of our new dojo membership.

In the year since we formed our membership has steadily grown, and we now have double the number we had on that first night. Some are students from our old club; some were total beginners who are now working their way through the ranks; and a couple are old karate friends who have returned to training after several years out of the dojo.

I have found teaching to be very rewarding, and have discovered that while teaching others I am continuing to improve my own karate and increasing my understanding of Goju Ryu. I have also discovered that, since becoming an instructor, I have a new enthusiasm for my own training whether it is my regular classes with Sensei Ernie, or going to larger events and gasshukus to take instruction from other IOGKF instructors from across the world.

I would advise anyone thinking about starting their own club to speak to their senior instructors and, if granted permission, to take the step. There will be nights when only three students come to train which can be disheartening. But persevere. The hard work and stress is far outweighed by the joy you get from teaching.

Running a club has given me the opportunity to give a little back to the association I have gained so much from, and watching students’ progress makes all the hard-work worthwhile.

I am very proud of my dojo and its members, and I am trying to make Eastleigh Goju Ryu Karate Do the kind of club I have always wanted to be a part of. A dojo that really does reflect the feeling of family that can be found throughout the EGKA and the IOGKF.

I would not have been able to reach this point without the help and support of so many people from the EGKA. Sensei Ernie and Sensei Roy both supported my request to open a new dojo and I am lucky enough to be in a position to get regular instruction from Sensei Ernie, which allows me to continue with my own training. Sensei Linda has always been very supportive of me throughout my time with the IOGKF and her support now extends to my dojo and students. I have formed some great friendships during my karate journey and I feel very lucky to be a part of this Goju Ryu family.

Jason Roe
EGKA Instructor - Eastleigh Dojo

Sensei Damion wins selection again for the AMA England National Team

Once again EGKA is pleased to report that Sensei Damion Woods has been successful in being selected to the AMA England National Team this year and is now preparing for the European Championships in Verona Italy later on in the year.

On the 26th January Sensei Damion also achieved a gold medal to kick off the new year, in the senior men’s open weight category at the International Traditional Karate Association Open Tournament in Liverpool.

We hope the success Sensei Damion has achieved inspires the next generation of competitors to have a go. Talk to your instructor about the opportunities that exist in the EGKA to help you start training for your own competition career.

Results of December 2013 Grading at 12 Quays, Wirral

Congratulations to all those who passed their grading examinations in December.


Ryan Bush – 2nd Kyu
Joshua Briant – 1st Kyu
Ewan McCready – 1st Kyu
Michael O'Toole – Jnr Shodan
Tom Clarke – Jnr Nidan

2nd Kyu

Philip Norfolk

1st Kyu

Steve Banks
Natatja Bauer
Lee Boddison
Greg Foord
Tom Foord
Jonathon Foord
Matthew Foord
James Foord
Craig Harris
Nick Ruxton
Zach Watts


Debbie Crane
Phillip Burchall
Jude van Brandenburg
Katherine Deeson
John Fahey
Nicola Harris
David Hurst
Scott King
Steven Mansfield
Freya McVey
Danny Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Tabie Thompson
Ian Tomlinson


Josh Clare
Louise Jones
Erroll Wellington


Sarah Williams
Hans Frydenberg


John Birch

Sensei Damion Wood takes Silver at the World Championships

Damion reports on his success at the World Champions in Romania, 17th June 2013.

Hello all. I’ve returned from Romania not as World Champion as hoped, but as a Silver Medalist.

Kumite started at 1:00pm on Friday afternoon after a disappointing round of kata. My first fight was against my old Italian friend (current World and European champion). It was a great and close fight. I was down 1/2 point, then got it back with 30 seconds till the end of the match … only for us to have to go to a one minute extension. Still no winner … So next came sudden death. Unfortunately, I got caught with a great reverse punch and lost the match :( .

But that’s the way these things go.

Anyway team fights were next - shobu sanbon. As I was the MA England National champ, I was given the honour of team captain. First round was against Poland, then on to fight Hungary, the Dutch, then Romania, Italy and finally the French. I was fighting second, and our first team fight left us 5-0 down. My fellow team mate’s worked hard, but he was just slightly out-classed on the day. Next fight was myself against the French captain. He was a good fighter but … I was able to pull it back to 5-5. Our third fight had my team mate holding a 5-5 score right up to the last 10 seconds, only to see France snatch a 6-5 win giving them the gold and us the silver.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my EGKA family for their support and to announce that I am now retiring from National and International competition duties as I feel it’s time to pass on my knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Again, thank you everyone for your support.

Damion Wood - Monday 17th June 2013


I am sure I am not alone in congratulating Sensei Damion on his World Class Silver success. A noteworthy achievement by anyone’s standards.

We hope our aspiring youngsters realise they can tap into all the competitive experience Sensei Damion has to offer. He is one of a long line of EGKA instructors who have competed and won on the International circuits. It is a tradition we look forward to maintaining in the years to come.

Sensei Damion Wood takes 7th National Title at AMA Open National Championships

Damion reports on his success at the AMA opens held last Sunday, 5th May 2013.

Last Sunday I arrived at the Leigh Sports Village to take part in the AMA Open National Championships.

The competition kicked off with three rounds of kata. I started with Sepai, followed by Sanseru and finished with Suparinpei.

I found myself 4 places behind the leader going into the final, who by the way was the current European Goju Kata champion. He also performed suparinpei scoring 8.2, 8.2, and 8.3. When my turn came around for Suparinpei I was nervous. I had been practising this kata with Sensei Roy and this would be my second time performing kata in a tournament. Being nervous is good for you sometimes, as I scored 8.3, 8.3 and 8.3. I may have beat the champion on this round, but overall my score meant I had to settle for 2nd place (silver) in kata.

At 3:00pm the adult kumite started. To cut a long story short and hopefully not sounding too big headed, I won all of my five rounds within the 2 minute time limit giving me Gold and my 7th National title.

I now feel that all the hard training is paying off (fingers crossed) and will be turning my attention to the Worlds in Romania in just over 3 weeks … the nerves are kicking in … but I will keep everyone posted.

Damion Wood - Liverpool May 2013

On behalf of the EGKA we congratulate Sensei Damion on his recent competition success

We all do karate for different reasons and being gifted and determined enough to get match fit to compete at the same level as Sensei Damion is not for everyone.

We hope his success inspires the competitors that are preparing for the EGKA Nationals in Stratford, a week next Sunday. If you put in same training and dedication as Sensei Damion … who knows … maybe one day we will be reporting on your success on the international competition scene. It is often the case that the only barrier to achieving what you want out of life … is just yourself. Aiming high like Sensei Damion is the only way you will ever achieve it.

If you see Sensei Damion in Stratford, be sure to congratulate him and wish him luck for the World Championships in Romania.

Sensei Roy’s Okinanwa Update Course Report on Sat, 2nd March 2013

Click the image to get Sensei Guy’s report of the kata and bunkai training at Childwall last weekend.

Damion Wood & Reena Prasad to compete in the North West Open Championships, 2nd March 2013

We wish Reena and Damion good luck in their competitions today at the North West Open Karate Championships


Pictures of 23rd February´s Sheffield Training Course with Sensei Steve Gouldson

Northern Grading Results 2012

Congratulations to all those who passed their grading in the Wirral last Sunday.

3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu
Emily Sheriff Emily Gaffney
Jasmine Waters Jake Perry
Robert Tyrer

Junior Black Belts Grades

Jnr Shodan Jnr Nidan
Daniel Murphy Lewis Mayles
Sarah Murphy
Mary Sherif
Rachael Donahue

Adult Kyu Grades

3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu
Kevin Doran Nicola Harris
Dave Randall Scott King
Katherine Desson
Ian Tomlinson
John Fahey
Matthew Taylor
Steven Jones
Mark Ellis

Adult Black Belt Grades:

Shodan Nidan Sandan
David McCarthy David Campbell Mark Reid
Glyn Norman
Thomas Roberts

Southern Junior Grading Results 2012

Congratulations to all those who passed their grading at the Littledown last Sunday.

Junior 2nd Kyu:
Daniel Brown

Junior 1st Kyu:
Jack Potter     Ben Foster     Lydia Hardy
Ellie Hardy     Callum Drake     Shaline Scanlan
Alexis Bussell     Connor Barnard     Harrison Place
Laim Dalton

Junior Shodan:
Alex Parker     Christopher Abayohi     Thomas Gould
Scott Purchase     Nikan Houshmand     Ben Walker
Danny Lingwood

Junior Nidan:
Andre Wong     Jacob Jarvis

Nationals 2012 - The Results

We are pleased to publish the medal results tables for the EGKA Nationals Competition held at Stratford on Sunday, 21st October 2012. (For PDF version, click here).

Congratulations to the following dojos who topped the medals league:

  • Hooton: 46 points
  • Birkenhead: 44 points
  • Tooting: 37 points
  • NSK: 34
  • Hedge End: 22

I think we can safely say that the North have it, but they cannot afford to sit around on their laurels as the London region are snapping at their heels!

Congratulations to all the individuals who won on the day, and we hope all participants enjoyed their competition experience.

We also wish to say thank you to all the long-suffering parents, referees and volunteers who gave up their time on Sunday to help make the day run so successfully. We never forget that without that support, events like Sunday will never happen.

Sensei Ernie has sent a personal message of condolence on behalf of the EGKA.

A message from Nakamura Sensei on the passing of Higaonna Sensei’s sister.

Dear IOGKF Chief Instructor, Kanbukai members and representatives,

I just received a message from Higaonna Sensei that his sister (Mrs. Kazuko Higaonna) passed away. I was very surprised as I saw her in Okinawa in July and she looked very fine. I don’t have any details.

Please email your message of condolence to me, so that I will forward it to Higaonna Sensei and family.

Her funeral is September 19th.

Tetsuji Nakamura

Sensei Ernie has sent a personal message of condolence on behalf of the EGKA.

Tell the EGKA what training courses you want to see in 2013

We will be holding the AGM on 4th November 2012 at Barford and one of the matters to be discussed on the agenda will be what training courses should we organise next year.

We already have set certain objectives we wish to work towards in 2013, but there is plenty of scope to add to the itinary to meet the demand if it is there.

With that in mind … here is your chance to be heard. If you have any views about how, what and when, then please email them onto the EGKA Secretary. Feedback and ideas are always welcomed.

For example. We elected to concentrate most of our courses during 2012 at Stratford because of its central location between the North, South and London. To avoid the extra cost of staying over at a hotel, we ran mainly one-day events. So we are interested in getting your feedback on:

a). Would people like us to arrange a few more combined Saturday and Sunday courses because they miss the extra value and social aspect of getting together for the weekend?

b). If it is a one-day course, which is the better day for you and why? Saturday or Sunday?

Sensei Damion Wood wins Silver at the WUKF 4th European Championships, June 2012

As most of us concentrate on who is winning the Olympic medals this week, we should also celebrate with a ‘young’ Sensei Damion for winning his European WUKF silver medal. A fantastic achievement by anyone´s standards, especially as he faced the reigning World Champion in the final. His report on the event follows:

Accompanied by Sensei Paul Meeks, I set off on 31st May to Irvine in Scotland to represent the EGKA and IOGKF in the WUKF 4th European Championship for senior and veterens.

We arrived in Irvine a little before 2.00pm at our Travel Lodge, about 20 minutes from the venue. After checking in we had a brief meeting with the AMA Karate England team coach, Sensei Peter Allen, before heading off to the venue, for our welcome party.

Once the formalities were over, we got a chance to look round a modest sized hall with 8 contest areas. There were around 750 competitors from all over Europe making it the biggest tournament I´ve seen for a long time.

The tournament started at 9:30am prompt on Friday with kata. The standard of kata was high throughout. There were a lot of styles represented, some of which I haven´t see much of recently, such as Wado Ryu and Shuto Kia. Watching them took me back to the times of Crystal Palace.

Around 2:30pm the kumite competition kicked off, starting with the senior males divided into two groups by age, 21-35 and then 35-40 years. I was in the 35-40 group (although I know I look younger) kumite was devised of shobo ippon and shobo sanbon.

I had decided to partake in the ippon competition as I think it suited me more (old school rules). I won the first round by an ippon; the second by 2 half points; the third round by an ippon, to face the current world champion from Italy in the final, fought, not surprisingly, under shobo sanbon rules.

Scoring was a little strange, and no matter what I did … it just didn´t seem to get me the points. I felt I put in a good fight, but it just wasn´t my day and I had to settle for silver.

I would like to thank Sensei Roy and Sensei Ernie, the EGKA for their support, and an extra big thanks to Sensei Paul Meeks for being there with me on the day.

So what now? Well 2013 brings the World Championships to Sheffield, England … and winning my silver qualifies me for an entry. So it´s will soon be back to competition training again, looking for gold this time round!

Again a big thank you to everyone for their support.

Sensei Damion Wood 2012 European WUKF silver medallist.

The New IOGKF Structure

I am sure everyone will join the EGKA Committee in offering our congratulations and best wishes for the future to Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei upon his appointment as the new IOGKF World Chief Instructor. I am sure we will not be short of members willing to travel north to the SGKA Gasshuku in September to remind him of the need to celebrate his appointment into the wee hours of the next morning.

We also give our heartfelt congratulations to Sensei Ernie upon his appointment as the IOGKF joint Vice Chief Instructor, sharing the office with Sensei Henrik Larsens. Both appointments are without question well deserved, and it should not escape your notice that the appointment to high office of two Europeans in a Japanese martial arts institution like the IOGKF is a reflection of the high regard these two instructors enjoy in the land where Goju Ryu karate originated from. An honour bestowed indeed.

We understand that plans are well advanced to publish a new IOGKF constitution and rule book better suited for the modern age. More to follow as information becomes available.

News from Okinawa

In traditional fashion the confirmation of grading results were given during the Sayonara Party in Naha last night.

Congratulations to Sensei Ernie Molyneux on passing Hachidan (8th Dan), Sensei Paul Nolan on passing Nanadan (7th Dan), Felix Nelson on passing Rokudan (6th Dan) and Reena Prasad on passing Yondan (4th Dan).

With the announcement that Sensei Morio Higaonna has stepped down as the IOGKF´s Chief Instructor, we shall publish more news about the changes to the internal structure of the IOGKF in due course.

We continue to espouse the value to all student of attending any of the IOGKF international events like the Okinawan Budosai now coming to a close. Apart from the life-enriching aspects of visiting a different culture, the assured friendly welcome and high standard of training will always inspire you to greater things. To gain an insight in to what actually happens during such events, try dropping into Steve Walley´s Karate Blog. It may motivate you enough to want to join us for the July European Gasshuko in Sicily next year.

Royal Marine Commandos 1000 Press up Challenge - 2nd August 2102 on Crosby Beach, Merseyside

Can you handle hard physical exercise, getting wet, dirty and rolling around in the sand?

If that´s for you, take up the challenge and call Steve Timson on 07711 959 096 for an entry form.

All participants must be over 18 years of age.

On Thursday evening, 2nd August a group of Royal Marines from RMR Merseyside along wth members of the Merseyside Fire Service and Childwall Dojo will take part on a sponsored 1000 press up challenge.

The challenge will benefit two worthy causes, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund and the Fire Fighters Charity.

Event Location: Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre, The Esplanade, off Cambridge Road, Waterloo, Merseyside, L22 1RR.
Registration Time: 1800 hrs prompt
The Course: Participants will run along Crosby Beach and perform 10 press ups at each of the 100 ‘iron men’

March 2012 Sensei Ernie’s Master class for senior black belts

As the picture suggests, everyone enjoyed the latest weekend master class held at the Sir David English Centre in Bournemouth.

The idea of these small classes is to increase the one-to-one training time available for those attending and to really concentrate on one area of the Goju Ryu syllabus whether it be a kata or kumite.

Keep an eye on the Events page to see when the next master class will be run. Act quickly though as the numbers are restricted to a maximum of 16 and they tend to get booked up quickly.

The EGKA has a new permanent Honbu Dojo in Bournemouth

We are pleased to announce that Sensei Ernie has secured a permanent Honbu Dojo at the Sir David English Sports Centre in central Bournemouth. It is a five minute drive from the Littledown Sports Centre.

Our new training centre offers us the exclusive use of a fully equipped exercise studio from 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night.

We intend to make full use of this facility … So watch the Events page for developments. Sensei Ernie has already published details of his first weekend kumite master class for brown belts and shodans in early February. Click here for details. Details of more weekend training events will soon follow to take advantage of the new facilities. The idea is to focus on specific objectives for small groups of similar graded students to get the best out of the time available over the weekend.

We will continue to use the Littledown Sports Centre for the summer grading weekend and similar major events.

View Master Higaonna´s invitation to Okinawa later this year.

Please click on the image to view Master Higaonna´s personal invitation to members of the EGKA to attend this summer´s World Budo Sai.

link to Master Higaonna's personal invitation to this year's Budo Sai in Okinawa

AMA North East England Karate Championships, Sunday 13 November 2011

I was invited up to Newcastle to compete in the North East Karate Championships. It was a busy event with numerous categories the tournament kicked of at 9:30am with junior kata and kumite which ran till about 1:00pm.

Then the senior men category kicked off and it was a good standard. About 3:00pm the adult male 3rd Dan and above kata started. I was second up doing kururunfa to start with, which got me through to the second round … followed by sepi, which got me into the quarter finals.

The category was heavily weighted with shotokan exponents and I knew I had to up my game to make it into the finals. So sanseru was my next choice.

Having now reached the finals I tried my hand by repeating kururunfa and was eventually beaten into silver place by 0.2 of a point. I was pleased about that result.

At about 3:30pm the kumite started with me facing the AMA squad captain in the first round (Shobo Sanbon rules ). The fight ended 5-1 to me.

Second round 4-2, and then on to the quarter finals with a 6-0 score, followed by a semi final 4-2.

The final was a close fight, having been up 4-0 with only 30 seconds to go my opponent scored an ippon taking the score to 4-2 with 10 seconds left. I returned with giaku tsuki giving me a wasari taking the final score to 4.5-2 and the gold medal was mine.

After excepting the gold medal I was asked by the event organisers to take part in the European Open Championships in May 2012, which I have excepted.

So in May I will be entering on behalf of the EGKA and I will hopefully return with the gold (in both events). A lot of work to be done, and with the support of the Association and some of the senior instructors, I'm sure this will be possible.

Sensei Damion Wood.

Editor: On behalf of the EGKA I would like to congratulate Damion on his recent success. Results like this not only demonstrate the commendable spirit of the individual to compete at this level. It also validates traditional Goju Ryu as a relevant and modern fighting system on the current international competition scene. Well done indeed Sensei Damion.

2011 Winter Gradings, Wirral

Congratulations to all those who succeeded at the grading sessions on Sunday, 4th December.

3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu Jnr Shodan
Everton Hill Ian Tomlinson Tracie Cusworth (Prov) Connor Campbell Smith
Megan Doherty Steven Mansfield Holly Pearson
Debbie Crane Matthew Smith Daniel Anstee
Tabie Thomson Glyn Bawden (Prov) Jazzmin Williams
Jeff Kaye (Prov) Marieke Dubbelboer Jordan Williams
Steve Mottram Mathilde Laluque Hannah Ainge
Sean Toole David McCarthy Alex Angco
Mark Ellis (Prov) Ross Welsh
Mark Diaper (Prov)
Michael Hearty
Philip Burchall
Stephanie Langbridge
Lauren Hall (Prov)
Rebecca Hill
Mason Owen (Jnr) Ethan Cavanagh (Jnr)
Harry Sturgess (Jnr) Cameron Bowen (Jnr)
Emily Gaffney (Jnr) Sarah Murphy (Jnr)
Daniel Murphy (Jnr)
Georgia Wylie (Jnr)
Heather Taylor (Jnr)
Nicole Payne (Jnr)
Danielle Payne (Jnr)
Elina Hall (Jnr)


Jnr Nidan Shodan Nidan Sandan
Ben Yuen Asia-Sophia Wolf Dave Barratt
Ali Berendji David Bruce Kate Tyler
Kelly-Ann Gordon Richard Owen Michael Hill
Christopher Parsons Hans Frydenberg (Norway) Stevn Biggar (Scot)
Colin Clare
Joanne Smith

There is never such a thing as a free lunch … well almost never.

There is a rumour circulating about ‘free flights’ to Japan. You may care to read this extract taken from the official Japanese Tourist Board website.

"Recently a number of media outlets have publicized reports about ‘Japan offering 10,000 free flights to foreigners’. However, this initiative to be carried out from April 2012 onwards is still under examination for government budgetary approval and is at this moment undecided.

If the initiative is confirmed and put into operation, Japan Tourism Agency will officially announce details on this website link. To receive instant notifications on this and more related news, join your local Japan National Tourism Organization on Facebook now!

Warning: There have been reports in some countries about acts of fraud related to this media report. The Japanese government has not committed to provide free flight tickets to Japan to anybody. Please be careful not to get caught up in this kind of fraud."

Stratford Championships Results, October 2011

We were very pleased with the number of competitor (and their long-suffering parents) who made the journey to Stratford to participate in Saturday´s adult tournament and Sunday´s Junior competition.

Click here to watch the Adult Championship Final, courtesy of Steve Walley (Jnr).

Click here to review the Championship results.

12 Quays: July 2011. Congratulations to the following successful junior grading candidates.

3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu Jnr Shodan
Ross Welsh (Jnr) Lydia Evans
Jake Pearce (Jnr)
Lee Pearce (Jnr)
Emma Wilcox (Jnr)

Notice of the 2011 EGKA AGM

The 2011 AGM will begin at 9:45am at the Holiday Inn, Stratford upon Avon on Saturday, 15th October 2011.

In order to deal with all the usual matters and conclude the AGM in good time for the start of training, any one wishing to raise a issue under ‘any other business’ is requested to submit their question or request by email to the EGKA secretary no later than Thursday, 13th October 2011.

We have been requested to publish the good hotels people have previously stayed at in and around central Stratford:

  • Holiday Inn, Bridgefoot, Stratford, CV37 6YR. Tel: 0871 423 4879
  • Premier Inn, Peyton Street, Stratford, CV37 6UQ. Tel: 0871 527 9282
  • Best Western Grosvenor Hotel, Warwick Rd, Stratford, CV37 6YT. Tel: 01789 269213
  • Mecure Shakespeare Stratford Hotel, Chapel St, Stratford, CV37 6ER. Tel: 01789 294997

All hotels are within easy walking distance of Saturday night´s social meet at the Holiday Inn Lounge bar.

Congratulations to the following successful grading candidates from the Summer Grading in June 2011.

3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu Jnr Shodan
Matthew Smith Richard Evans Joel Carter
Glyn Bawden Timothy Maynes Dylan Ruggier
Tracie Cusworth Christopher Parsons Jennifer Fletcher
Mark Ellis Andrew Aitchison Matthew Roberts
Marieke Dubbelboer Kelly-Ann Gordon Olivia White
Lauren Hall Ali Berendji Tom Clarke (S)
Michael O'Toole (Jnr) Ben Yuen Jonathan Anstee
Danielle Payne (Jnr) Alexander Angco Bradley Moore
James Omajd Thomas Dayman
William Fisher (Jnr) Jordan Moore
Mary Sheriff (Jnr) Bradley Anstee
Jasmine Turner (Jnr)
Sian Elson (Jnr)
Jordan Williams (Jnr)
Jazzmin Williams (Jnr)
Hannah Ainge (Jnr)
H Winsten-Korver (Jnr)
Morgan Greer (Jnr)
Connie Hutton (Jnr)
Madison Jensen (Jnr)
Kieran Lawford-Hatt (Jnr)
Amy Smith (Jnr)
Samuel Spears (Jnr)
C Armstrong-Brodie (Jnr)

Junior and senior black belt candidates who passed:

Jnr Nidan Shodan Nidan Sandan
Jack Donoghue Ian Sturgess Graham Sims
Michael Gould Ben Sturgess Sean Crane
Thomas James Sean Hammond Tony Jones
Ryan Crane Louise Jones Glenn Herbert
Ailsa Burt Michael Healy
Petra Roe
Errol Wellington

Okinawan World Budosai, 9-15 July 2012.

Higaonna Sensei has confirmed the dates for your diary next year for the 2012 Budosai in Naha, Okinawa. We shall keep you informed of group travel plans as they develop.

Results for the Adult Kata Competition, Littledown, July 2011

Although many a senior set out for the Littledown last Sunday half wishing they were going to visit the dentist for some root-canal treatment in preference to stepping out on the mat to compete in kata, a good time was in fact had by all.

Sensei Ernie was extremely pleased with the high standard of kata demonstrated on the day, with the final decisions often being determined by a mere one tenth of a point. Congratulations to everyone who competed, and well done to the winners.

Adult Kara Results

Group 1: Mixed 9th-7th Kyu Name Dojo
1st place Charles Leake Frimley
2nd place Anna Kawica BKA
3rd place Matt Martineau BKA
Group 2: Mixed 6th-4th Kyu Name Dojo
1st place Jon McClelland Frimley
2nd place Elsa McCleary New Cross
3rd place Sarah Bayliss Tooting
Group 3: Mixed 3rd-1st Kyu Name Dojo
1st place Alex Angco BKA
2nd place Matt Smith BKA
3rd place Stephanie Langbridge Tooting
Group 1: Mixed 1st & 2nd Dans Name Dojo
1st place John Fernander Hedge End
2nd place Jon Anstee Frimley
3rd place Mark Reed New Cross
Group 1: Mixed 3rd & 4th Dans Name Dojo
1st place Reena Prasad BKA
2nd place Chris Walker BKA
3rd place Samantha Tomlinson BKA

Join Master Higaonna in Scotland on 1st ´ 2nd August 2011.

Master Higaonna in Scotland

(Click image for downloadable poster)

The SGKA is pleased to announce that Master Higaonna will be leading a special training weekend to celebrate the life of the late Sensei Lambert.

The details have yet to be finalised, but Sensei Stevie Biggar (Chairperson of the SGKA) extends an invitation to all members of the EGKA to venture north of the border to Glenrothes in August to join them over the training weekend.

We shall update you with information as it becomes avaialble, but you can also follow developments directly on the SGKA website.

Mindful of the June grading coming up, we thought it would be timely to release training videos of the first five kyu grade katas. We hope it will help students better understand the pace and dynamics of each of these katas, as demonstrated by Sensei Ernie.

Click on the Kata Video link top right.

Results for the London, Northern and Southern Regional Competition, May 2011

Congratulations to all those who participated in the recent Junior Regional Competitions.

The results are published below, and all the named competitors automatically win through to secure a place in the National Competition to be held in Stratford over the weekend of the 15th and 16th October 2011

Northern Regional Results: Click here.

Southern Regional Results: Click here.

London Regional Results: Click here.

We will be running separate adult (18+) kumite and kata competitions. Start training as there is no adult pre-qualifier, so all adult EGKA members can enter.

New EGKA sparring Video published today, May 2011

In the latest video, Sensei Ernie and Sensei Roy demonstrate a punching combination, where the real emphasis is on training you to keep your guard up!

One of the problems inexperienced students face in their early sparring training, is remembering to keep their guard up to protect their head and vulnerable ribs.

This video shows a very effective, close quarter, punching combination where the attacker also has to concentrate on keeping their guard up as well.

View the latest EGKA Punching Combination Video: Click here.

EGKA Adult Goju-Ryu Kata Competition on Sunday, 3rd July 2011

Poster for Adult Kata Competition

(Click image for downloadable poster)

Every adult (4th Dan and below) in the Southern and London regions are invited to enter into this Kata Competition to be held at the Littledown Centre on Sunday afternoon, 3rd July 2011.

"I can understand why adults don´t enter kumite competitions, but putting yourself under the kind of competition pressure that comes with stepping out on the mat before five judges serves to really lift your kata standard and prepares you for your next grading. So, if you´re 16 or older, no matter how good or bad you think you are; no matter how old or young you feel you are … I expect to see you on that mat on Sunday." – Sensei Ernie

For more information, click here.

New EGKA Forum (see menu) launched today, April 2011

We invite members to sign-up to the new EGKA Forum and improve the exchange of ideas and views across the membership.

The Forum will be strictly policed, but the only rules are no profanities and certainly no personal criticisms.

The EGKA exists to promote and safeguard a traditional Okinawan martial art. On the other hand the Association knows it has to be progressive and reactive to the needs of the membership. Here is your chance to have your say … and we hope you use it.

Suport the EGKA ITKA Japan Tsunami Appeal

On Sunday, 8th May 2001 the ITKA and the EGKA will running an open tournament in Liverpool in aid of the Japan Tsunami Appeal.

We have cancelled the Stratford training day to support this event. So we hope many of you will pull out the stops and go along to support this worthy initiative, either to participate in the event, or to cheer on from the side.

Joint Open tournament in support of the Japan Tsunami Appeal

Please make sure that you bring all the loose change you can (paper optional)!

A Norwegian on Liverpool

This is the third time that I have traveled to the city of Liverpool to train with Sensei Roy Flatt and all of the good Goju Ryu Karateka who train with him. I made this trip for the first time three years ago (the last two times have been within the last 6 months). It all started with a nice invitation from Sensei Roy and Sensei Ernie Molyneux to feel free to travel over to train with them whenever I can. Liverpool is very easy to get to from Norway and the airport is close to where I live, so the first time I travelled there was in December 2008. I planned my trip with the EGKA calendar (from their website), this way I could also go to the English mini-gasshuku for the weekend as a nice end to my week of training.

The Flight:

Liverpool airport is easy to reach, and if you order the ticket in advance you can get some really cheap flight tickets. The most expensive tickets cost me 1500 NOK (around £150) and the cheapest around 700 NOK (around £70). The first time I made the trip over, Sensei Roy came and met me at the airport. I couldn´t believe it the first time to be honest … I just came over to train and the one of the best instructors came to pick me up! I thought ‘Wow that´s really nice!’ and from there on it just got better and better!

Accommodation in Liverpool:

I started to look online for a place to stay and I found a place called ‘The International Inn’: A hostel in Liverpool city centre. It´s a nice place if you are looking for a cheap place to sleep. The standards there are good, the cheapest rooms are domitories that bunk around 15 people sharing the same room. You can also get a double room or double hotel room if you prefer. The double room costs about £22 per night and the mixed rooms are cheaper still. There´s also a kitchen that you can use, so if you are low on budget you can buy your one food and prepare it there. Last time I was there I spent around £60 in a week for food.

Liverpool the city:

Liverpool is a great city, it has everything you can think of. There are plenty of shops and you can get mostly everything you want from there. There´s also a lot of pubs and restaurants to visit. A beer cost around £3 and you can find a meal for around £5 to £12 (depending on what you want). Some of my English friends have showed me some really nice places to go out and eat, it´s all great. There´s a lot of culture in the city and, there´s always something going on with much to see. You will not be bored in this great city!

The training:

Every time I have been to Liverpool the training has always been fantastic. Sensei Roy has always taken time to give me personal instruction and I get a lot of training, some days I even trained twice. I got to train a lot of different places: in sensei Dojo, in a great boxing gym, in other dojos around the region and even in sensei´s back garden! There´s a lot of different training and you can pick up a lot of ideas and inspiration to take with you home.

The standard of karate in England is the best I have found; In the main dojo in Liverpool there´s a lot of black belts so I always get a good challenge. The students are really friendly and you will easily make a lot of new friends. The progression and learning I get from one week is amazing. I feel that every time I visit Liverpool I take a big step forward on my way as a karate student, and when I come home I have more to give to my students in the dojo. As a friend told me Sensei Roy has ‘a crystal brain’, he has such a great understanding of everything! I get to train everything I need and every time he hits exactly on the spot.

Hans Frydenberg

Japanese Earthquake Disaster - March 2011

On behalf of all the members of the EGKA, our thoughts are with all those affected by the Japanese earthquake disaster.

The transient comfort provided by learning that a complete stranger on the other side of the world has paused to think of their plight, is not going to relieve their more immediate and pressing need for water, food, shelter and medicines.

We provide links to two respected charities that have launched appeals to provide the more practical help our friends in Japan need right now.

Japan Tsunami Appeal Please Donate Now

Japan emergency appeal
Donate now. Help save the children affected by the Japan earthquake.

Sensei Linda´s reflections of her Okinawa visit - January 2011

2010 for me was focussed on getting my new dojo up and running and helping to coach the English team ready for the World championships in October. So I was very ready to spend some ‘me’ time with the challenge of an intense training period, Zen meditation as well as a technical check of techniques, kata and bunkai.

This trip achieved it all and more. It was great to be with Senseis Ernie, Roy, Paul and Gary Webber and this brought a different experience to the trip for me as I have usually undertaken the additional training alone. The time with Higaonna sensei was very precious. His ability to push you in basics for two hours at a time is unique and the way that he demonstrates techniques is truly inspirational. Every session with Higaonna sensei is mind blowing and a physical assault course that leaves you feeling exhilarated and alive!

There was certainly the intensity of the regime - training three times a day: 06:30-08:00, 13:0015:00, 20:0023:00. This schedule that we set ourselves was not for the faint hearted! We focused on kata in the morning which was usually the same as we had been through with Higaonna sensei the night before, so as to consolidate our practice and also compare notes with each other on all the points that he had commented on, demonstrated and corrected. This was brilliant and also added to the quality and depth of the practice so that I felt every time we performed a kata I was on high alert with all the techniques!

We used the afternoon sessions for hoju undo practice and trained together in stations. This meant that you had a limited time on any particular implement and this gave me huge focus and drive to practice even harder within the period. It was also very motivational to be training together and the energy levels were increased as a result!

A very important part of any gasshuku is the social side of the day and this for all of us was after the evening session when we would go to the local restaurant, sit in the same places every night and order the same combination of food! This trip was also lot of Nabe which is the food of the Sumos but by the evening we were ready for it!!! It is quite a basic dish that is cooked over a portable gas ring at your table. It is a large pot of broth with mushrooms, prawns, pork, spinach-like greens, udon or soba noodles that you serve out into small bowls.

Once the ingredients are finished, the broth is topped up, rice is added plus a raw egg and once cooked served out again. A very communal way of eating! Thankfully it didn´t have the same effect on us as the sumos in terms of increased size (thank goodness!), but that´s probably because we shared a pot between five rather than have one each!

As well as eating there were of course some great discussions! Stories of the past, shared events, remembering all those teachers who have gone before us and who we had trained with under them at gasshukus as juniors! We shared personal training experiences, methods that worked, stuff that didn´t. We discussed technical points and explored what were the origins of the technique, tiger, crane or other. Life experiences are also a great source of information and entertainment some sad, some bewildering, some very funny, some long!!! This also meant that we didn´t get to bed until 01:30 and it wasn´t long before the next session! However, these were times that were very precious and as enjoyable as the training.

I also fitted in three sessions at the zendo temple (instead of the morning session not as well as!!). This had a very different degree of difficulty. The first session Paul and I went with Higaonna Sensei which meant that we got to the Zendo temple early and were sitting by 05:30. So by the end of the second session we had sat for over an hour and half that was tough and I analysed the pain in my hips and legs in some detail! However, I felt energised afterwards.

We joined in with the tea ceremony with Sakiyama Sogen Roshi. He is such a charismatic person and at 92 years old he still does not miss a thing. The tea ceremony is very precise and the things you do are very deliberate. It is difficult but so wonderful that there are no distractions to the actions, that what you are doing is the only thing of your attention and to me it makes the tea taste better! Each time I went to the Zendo the rest of the day seemed more in focus. When I was training the techniques seemed clearer and crisper. It was as if my senses were tuned into the day and actions could be broken down to a singular level. The lecture that I attended with the Roshi pointed out about taking care of yourself and practising regularly which is difficult but necessary to progress.

When you are balancing your life there are usually a number of factors that are always around and getting these elements in the right order all the time is also a challenge! I find that in a period of intense training I can also get back some perspective and see better ways of balancing life and its distractions.

We had an additional challenge with all of us being a bit under par with residual or renewed winter colds which added to the physical strain. However, Dr Flatt had every medication that was required and when my cold decided to freshen up, this really helped me get through the worst of my cold!!!

There was a consensus from all of us that after over 27 years of training together at the end of two weeks the camaraderie was even stronger and the focus in training meant that we all felt physical progress in both hoju undo and kata. There was such a willingness to practice three times a day with huge positive energy from each that it was mutually nurturing and our discussions were full of forward planning, growth and education for all in EGKA. What stood out for us from Higaonna sensei´s teaching was the depth of his masterclasses in moving basics using groups of techniques from the kata and his warmth and generosity towards everyone in training evidenced his passion for the art.

If love was visible then you would have seen all of our hearts and spirit grow bigger. If that energy was transferable we would gladly have sent it to all four corners of the world to sow it in a single moment towards happiness, hope, charity and faith in mankind.

Gambatte in your search for the same!

Sensei Linda Marchant, 2011

Sensei Ernie Course – Hallam Dojo Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sensei Andy is pleased to invite you to a course with Sensei Ernie open to all cadets (14 yrs+) and seniors.

Dan grades: 10:00-11:00
All: 11:00-14:00

Course fees:
Yudansha: £20
Kyu Grades: £15
Cadets: £10

University of Sheffield
Goodwin Sports Centre
Northumberland Road
S10 2TY

Car Parking: There is a car park on the opposite side of the road just after Marlborough Road. Parking is 40p, the maximum stay stated on the machine is 4 hours but I have spoken to the parking attendant who assures me that this will not be an issue.

Please contact me on 07891 671730, or email me at info@hallamdojo.co.uk if you have any queries.

Andy Barker

December 2010 Winter Grading Results - 12 Quays, Woodchurch

Congratulations to the following successful candidates that passed their gradings in a cold, snow-bound Wirral last weekend:

3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu Jnr Shodan
Michael O´Toole (Jnr) George Sheriff Ian Sturgess Bethan Jenkins
Mary Sherriff Benjamin Sturgess Charlie Norman
Nicole Payne (Jnr) Jim Penny Lewis Mayles
Daniel Anstee (Jnr)
Joel Carter (Jnr)
Connor Campbell-Smith (Jnr)
Louise Jones
Olivia White (Jnr)
Sam Holcroft (Jnr)
Jennifer Fletcher (Jnr)
Lydia Evans
Tom Clark (Jnr)
Joe Cholmondeley (Jnr)
Holly Pearson (Jnr)


Jnr Nidan Shodan Nidan Sandan
Steven Crane Tim Crosby Natalie Roberts Neil Meadows
Jordan Evans Alice Griffin Christopher Spencer Bev McParlan
Robert Harcup Daniel Healey Michael Lyons
Gordon Smith Sarah Williams
Glyn Norman Stephen Quirk
Thomas Roberts Kevin Bown


November 2010 Southern Junior Grading Results - Bournemouth

Congratulations to the following successful candidates that passed their Junior gradings:

2nd Kyu 1st Kyu Jnr Shodan Jnr Nidan
Alex Angco Dorinda Chandrabase Owen Choy Travis Bussell
Connie Doohan Dylan Ruggier Lucy Moore Curtis Bussell
Chris Walker Thalia Norman-Perkins Connor Lynne
Andre Wong
Georgina Arnold
Toby De-Mendonca
Jacob Jarris


IOGKF South Africa World Tournament Results

We are pleased to announce that the England squad did extremely well in last Saturday´s competition in South Africa.

Women´s Individual Balck Belt Open Division: Gold Reena Prasad

Women´s Black Belt Team: Gold Reena Prasad, Angela Downing, Helen Smith, Stephanie Parker

Men´s Black Belt Team: Silver John Timson, Jason Rogers, Phil McClements, Jordan Birch

Senior Men´s Green Blue Belt Division: Bronze Nick Scott-Smith

Junior Black Belt (14-17 yrs): Gold Jordan Evans

Sensei Ernie once again wishes to thank all those who participated in the EGKA events that helped train and raise funds for the squad who attended the competition. Although it´s time for a well deserved rest for all the participants and trainers, we hope we have sown the seeds of inspiration for those of you with an eye for winning a place on the next competition squad the EGKA send overseas. Keep training.

Goju Ryu Academy - Kata, Bunkai, Kakie & Kumite Video Instruction Library

Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Roy have completed the first stage of laying down the complete EGKA Goju Ryu Karate syllabus in a series of short web-videos.

The idea of the library is to provide a convenient and easily accessible resource of online instruction that directly reflects the techniques currently being taught by EGKA–recognised instructors in their Dojos around the Country.

Of course, as Sensei Ernie is a member of the IOGKF Executive Committee, it also means this library will be of relevance to any IOGKF affiliated student where ever they happen to train in the World.

If you visit the website you can view a FREE Street Fighting Self Defence session to get a feel for the way the library works. We include some really sensible advice about why you should avoid street violence, but if you do have to fight Sensei Ernie and Sensei Roy demonstrate some simple and highly effective techniques you can use to defend yourself.

Any current EGKA member can use the ‘JOIN’ procedure to sign-up for the Free 10th Kyu level. Just complete the form that requests your personal information, only select 10th Kyu, and you do not have to proceed any further with the payment section. You will receive a username and password within 24 hours. The content of this entry-level resource is designed to provide the basic information a 10th Kyu will need when they first start training. It nonetheless contains some very useful instruction on Goju Ryu basics and dojo etiquette that any grade may find of interest, if only to see how Sensei Ernie and Sensei Roy approach the teaching of the subject matter.

Website: www.GojuRyuAcademy.com

Sunday, 26th September 2010
Annual Open Training Day - Nishimon Dojo, Rotherham.

Starting at 12:00 noon on Sunday, 26 September 2010, Sensei Steve Gouldson (6th Dan) and Sensei Mike Draper (6th Dan) will be holding their annual open training day. This year it is at the Nishimon Dojo, Rotherham. There are junior and adult sessions planned. Click on the poster for full details.

Chris Davidson report on IOGKF Copenhagen Gasshuku,2010.

Copenhagen Gasshuku 2010

It may well have been the second time that Copenhagen has hosted the European Gasshuku; however for me the number was even more auspicious: ‘one’, as in ´first´, as in ´never before´. So was I nervous? Sure. This was new territory and I didn´t want to disappoint those who´d invested so much of their effort and energy in me so far – I was, after all, our dojo´s sole representative. On the flip side, I was keenly aware that I needed a break. Work had recently been very intense. My brain needed to focus on something other than putting a roof over my head and my body needed the endorphin rush that comes from serious exercise. I´m delighted to report that I loved the whole experience – and knew I was going to from the moment I entered the dojo on the first morning.

To read more, click here

15th International Summer Gasshuku in Hamburg, 10th to 12th September 2010.

We are pleased to provide details of the Hamburg Summer Gasshuku to be led by Sensei Katsuji Kasmashiro, 7th Dan.

General Information.

Hamburg Summer Gasshuku Poster.

Gasshuku Registration Form.

June 2010´s Grading Results - Littledown Centre, Bournemouth

Congratulations to the following successful candidates that passed their grading in June 2010:

3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu Jnr Shodan
Michael Murray Tom Clark Steven Brown Ben Slater
Emily Sheriff Joe Cholmondeley Bradley Anstee Bethany Norman
Mary Sheriff Ralph Elliott-King James Mulhall
George Sheriff Andre Wong James Penny
Alice Griffin Phillipa Lamb
Thomas Roberts Sean Pitt
Jonathan Anstee Rachel Sawyer
Emily Wilcox Alexander Sawyer
Sean Hammond
Angus Long
Jordan Moore
Matthew Cromwell
Lucy Moore
Matthew Roberts
Georgina Arnold
Ailsa Burt
Owen Choy
Bradley Moore
Thalia Norman-Perkins
Andrew Reslan
Gordan Smith


Jnr Nidan Shodan Nidan Sandan
Matthew Fletcher Michael Wallis Joshua Holmes Philip McClements
Scott Pritchard Stephen Sutton Sam Karagiannidis Samantha Tomlinson
David Campbell Robert Carter Paul Meeks
David Beck Francis Casey Gilbert Angco
Gordan Mcfarland Stephen Butler
Francis Berkelaar Matty Barlow
Roland Balgobind
Asia-Sophia Wolf
Andrew Coy
Darren Hall
Jonathan Goodwill
Jonathan Laskovsky

18 April 2010 - On the road to a Gasshuku record.

Now that we have passed the 1st April deadline I am extremely happy to report to you all that there are well over 500 people signed up for the European Gasshuku in Copenhagen. This means that we are well on the way to a new European record and creating karate history.

There is still room for more – so tell your training partners, friends and acquaintances about this unique training opportunity and challenge them to claim their place in this historical event. The absolute last chance to sign up is 1st July 2010 but why not sign up today at www.gasshuku.eu and become a part of writing history.

The European Gasshuku, Copenhagen, 26th to 30th July – Probably the best gasshuku in the world …

Med venlig hilsen
Henrik Larsen
Chefinstruktor IOGKF.dk

14 April 2010 - Free Chiropractic services will be on hand for the next few EGKA meetings.

Dr Jason Gould from Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic will be providing support and advice about elite performance, nutrition as well as complimentary treatment at the squad training sessions in Stratford on 16th May, 11th July and 15th August, and the black belt grading weekend in Bournemouth in June.

Jason is well known to many of you, and in between training himself, he treated quite a few of us that had minor pulls and strains at last weekend´s Stratford meeting.

Any questions, or to pre-book a session on one of the above dates please contact Jason on 02082951733. For further information, please go to www.chislehurstchiro.com

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