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30th November 2016 - Budosai Photo Link

Please share this link to everybody who came to Budosai in July 2016.
These photos were taken by Roman Boldyrew (father of IOGKF Canada student). He did fantastic job!!

Click here to view photos.

Tetsuji Nakamura IOGKF

25 April 2016 - Sensei Steve Timson RIP

On behalf of Sensei Ernie and the family - Thursday 28th April 2016.
A service for Sensei Steve Timson will be held at St Edmunds of Canterbury R C Church, 62 Oxford Road, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 8QF at 12:45 and then onto Thornton Garden of Rest Crematorium, Lydiate Ln, Thornton, Liverpool L23 1TP at 14:00.
There will be refreshments at the Crosby Lakeside, Cambridge Road, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 1RR afterwards.
Eunice and the family would like to welcome everyone to join them.
No flowers are requested however if you want to make a donation please do so to Woodlands Hospice, via McCallum and Tritton Funeral Directors, 46 Mersey View, Brighton le Sands, Liverpool L22 6QB. Telephone 0151 931 2002.

22 April 2016 - Sensei Steve Timson

On behalf of Sensei Ernie - With great sadness that the EGKA announce that earlier today Sensei Steve Timson lost his 17 month battle with cancer. Sensei Steve will be sadly missed by his family, all instructors and students.

A eulogy from Sensei Steve's son John George Timson:
In November 2014, Dad was diagnosed, with a glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive form of brain cancer.
Since that day, we've been on countless walks (with the iron men on Crosby beach a favourite location) and on those walks performed innumerable press-ups on the beach. (Once a PTI always a PTI).
He has been swimming at Penmon Point in freezing water (TWICE). We've joined the last leg of "Timo's" 20 miler with a group from the Royal Marines, the same weekend as a zip wire across a quarry in Snowdonia.
Dad has been through surgery, radiotherapy, and three separate and ultimately unsuccessful attempts at chemotherapy and has dealt steadfastly with seizures when they came his way.
He has faced everything with a bravery and determination that I simply cannot begin to fathom. He has never complained about anything and has been the rock on which my family and I have been able to build our own strength.
After his courageous 17 month battle with cancer, Dad died peacefully surrounded by his close family yesterday at the Woodlands Hospice as were his wishes.
Above (right) is my favourite picture of Dad, taken in Okinawa 2008 – no more genuine, honest or incredible man will you ever meet.
A true role model.
I hope to even come close to the peerless standards that he set.
"Hard training, Happy life" – Steve Timson 1953-2016

03 April 2016 - EGKA Spring Gasshuku Day 3

EGKA Spring Gasshuku with Nakamura Sensei, 7th Dan IOGKF World Chief Instructor.
Group photo from Day 3 of the Sensei Nakamura London Spring Gasshuku.

02 April 2016 - EGKA Spring Gasshuku Day 2

EGKA Spring Gasshuku with Nakamura Sensei, 7th Dan IOGKF World Chief Instructor.
Group photo from Day 2 of the Sensei Nakamura London Spring Gasshuku.

01 April 2016 - EGKA Spring Gasshuku Day 1

EGKA Spring Gasshuku with Nakamura Sensei, 7th Dan IOGKF World Chief Instructor. 1 April 2016, Black belt session.
An excellent opening to the Gasshuku with Nakamura Sensei explaining and embedding the intricacies of the unique power generation in Okinawa Goju Ryu, through Sanchin, Sanseiru and Sepai kata and a number of excellent drills to help the participants to grasp & develop the correct performance of the techniques.

31 March 2016 - WARNING for Budosai Shureido Gi Orders

Please NOTE that Budosai participants need to order their Shureido Gi before the end of May for them to pick their order up during the Budosai.

Check the following for their products as well as contacting Shureido directly for more information

Contact Email: shureido@orange.ocn.ne.jp

Click for Shureido catalogue

16 March 2016 - Okinawan Karate - The Original MMA

Kata (traditional forms) are just movements of the human body. They are muscle-memory building tools used to get your body coordinated and at the same time learn movements that can be applied in a combative situation. Just like a boxer shadowboxes as a means to practice alone, a karate person practices kata. The only difference is what happens after the training to apply it.

Click here to view video.

05 February 2016 - EGKA Sensei Roy Flatt 8th Dan

Congratulations to EGKA Sensei Roy Flatt on passing his IOGKF 8th Dan. The Sayonara Party followed a great week of senior training from IOGKF Supreme Master Higaonna Sensei 10th Dan.

02 February 2016 - EGKA Seniors in Okinawa

IOGKF Chief Instructor Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei 7th Dan and EGKA Chief Instructor Ernie Molyneux Sensei 8th Dan have gathered with some of the worlds most senior IOGKF/ EGKA 7th & 8th Dans in Okinawa this week to study Kata directly from IOGKF Supreme Master Morio Higaonna Sensei 10th Dan.

29 January 2016 - IOGKF World Budosai Breaking News


The 2016 World Budosai registration website will open this Saturday, 30th January 2016.

Information about the training schedule (ages 7 and up), training fees for both IOGKF members and non-members are already listed.

Registration and payments for training, the Sayonara party tickets and gasshuku t-shirts are done through this site.

Accommodation options are also available on this site.

Take a look right away as there are important deadlines you do not want to miss.

You will find the link to the Budosai registration site on our events page and there will be a direct link to the travel agency handling all of the bookings.

See you in Okinawa.

01 January 2016 - IOGKF World Budosai Invitation

Higaonna Sensei is really looking forward to welcoming as many EGKA members in Okinawa next July 25-31 for the IOGKF World Budosai 2016.

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