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South Regional Referee and Judges Training Course: Sunday, 9th February 2020

Sensei Ernie is extending invitations for this course to all aspiring adult and cadet black belts to take your first step on the ladder to becoming an official EGKA competition referee and judge.

How it will work

The course will consist of running mock kata and kumite competition using volunteers and then comparing and discussing how the scoring should have been arrived at for each round or bout.

We need volunteers

To any volunteer students (5th Kyu or higher) to perform kata and join in mock kumite sessions. This is an opportunity to really sharpen up your kata and kumite for the regional competition the following day. Any student of 12 years and over are welcome to volunteer to either perform their kata and/or participate in the kumite competitions and be judged accordingly. We hope individuals will see the very positive benefits of being critiqued in this way as it will almost guarantee you will be better prepared for the competition the next day. Understanding how the judges and referees actual approach marking your kata or scoring points in kumite is all part of competing. Likewise knowing why you dropped the odd mark here and there can really sharpen up your performance on the day.

The objectives

The main object of the course is to bring on the next generation of competition judges and referees so we have a sustainable pool of volunteers for competitions in the years to come.

Anyone can pass an opinion on whether a kata was performed well or a point scored at kumite. What we set out to do is pass on the knowledge and techniques of how to start scoring fairly and consistently in line with your fellow senior judges.

The course is intended to be a light and enjoyable experience with everyone participating at all stages throughout the day.


Tooting Dojo
First Floor, Gap Bridge House
Gap Road
SW19 8JA

Course times:

Sunday Afternoon: 10:00 to 14:00

Course fee:

Cost: £15.00 juniors but free to those learning to referee.

Course requirements:

If you intend to take part in the sparring bouts, then sparring gloves and shin pads are mandatory. Gum shields and other body protection is optional but highly recommended.

Please also make sure your EGKA membership is up to date for insurance reasons.

Tooting Dojo Venue