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  • Link to Goju Ryu kata video library: Effective Traditional Karate
  • Concentrating on basic punching increases stamina and power, a prelude to the quicker and more effective techniques used in sparring
  • Goyu-Ryu teaches that the most valuable achievments in life only come after lots of hard work. This young student was only hours away from being awarded his black belt.

EGKA affiliated Goju-Ryu karate Dojos (Martial Arts Clubs) in the Bournemouth and Poole region of Dorset

HONBU DOJO (EGKA Headquarters)

Bournemouth Karate Academy, Bournemouth - Sensei Ernie Molyneux (8th Dan) - website

Bournemouth Karate Dojos

Tenshi Karate Academy, Bournemouth - Sensei Lisa Burt (3rd Dan) - website

Christchurch and Burton Karate Dojo

Burton Karate Club, Christchurch - Senseis Paul (4th Dan) & Debbie (4th Dan) Bussell - website

Poole Karate Dojos

Elite Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Academy, Poole - Sensei Andy Barnes (4th Dan) - website