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The EGKA´s Online Payment and Membership System

Please choose one of the following:

1. EGKA member who has already registered online and is returning
to either update their records or renew their membership online
2. Existing EGKA member who is registering online for the first time
3. A new student applying to join the EGKA for the first time

Once you have submitted the Registration Form under Options (2) or (3), the Membership Secretary will authorise your application and send you a confirmation email with your new login details. You will then be able to login and keep your membership account details up to date as you grade or change your contact details. The system will email you a reminder next year that your EGKA membership is up for renewal.

Please be patient. We are an Association run by volunteers, and as such it can take up to 14 days to authorise and confirm your membership application.

If you have registered but not received a reply after 14 days please email the Membership Secretary explaining you have registered but not received a reply.

An easy to follow EGKA Membership Instructional Guide for registration can be seen by clicking here.

Join or renew by overland post and paying by cheque

As an alternative to using the online registration and card payment service, new students wishing to join for the first time, or existing members looking to renew their EGKA membership can use the following forms to apply by overland post:

    1. A new student applying to join the EGKA for the first time: New Member Form.
    2. Existing member looking to renew their annual membership: Annual Renewal Form.

In either case, downloand and send the completed form to the Membership Secretary, along with your cheque payment.

You can download a PDF copy of the EGKA Student Handbook by clicking here.