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Misplaced Grading Certificates Due for Replacement

There are so many opportunities for senior grading certifcates to go astray, and when they do it is even easier to find the request to replace them gets lost as well.

To help streamline the process, we shall in future publish a list of grading candidates who have reported they have still to receive their certificate. This will mean that members will be able to confirm that their request for a lost certificate has been recognised. It will also help the EGKA officers who requisition the certificates who now have one centralised list to refer to and remind them who needs what.

Please email the Secretary with your requests for any outstanding certificates making sure you supply the information displayed below as well as your contact details.

Grading Date Grading Certificate Requested Full Name Dojo
Jun 2011 Nidan Glen Herbert Norton
Jun 2010 Jnr Shodan Benjamin Slater Muscliffe