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Forthcoming EGKA Events

The dates below are all subject to change until the venues can be confirmed.

?? ??? 2019 EGKA Northern Regional Tournament, Liverpool TBA
?? ??? 2019 EGKA Southern Regional Tournament, Bournemouth TBA
02 Feb 2019 EGKA Senior Training, Stratford TBA
08 Feb 2019 EGKA Course (Sensei P. Nolan), Wirral TBA
10 Mar 2019 EGKA London Regional Tournament, Chessington info
22-24 Mar 2019 EGKA Spring Gasshuku, Morden TBA
08-09 Jun 2019 EGKA Summer Gasshuku, Bournemouth info
27-04 Jul-Aug 2019 8th IOGKF World Budosai, Okinawa - (IOGKF 40th Anniversary Event) Reg
07 Sep 2019 EGKA Senior Training, Stratford TBA
20-22 Sep 2019 EGKA Sensei Bakkies Gasshuku, Wirral TBA
13 Oct 2019 EGKA National Tournament, Stratford TBA
17 Nov 2019 EGKA AGM, Barford, Warwick info
23 Nov 2019 EGKA Junior Northern Grading Course, Birkenhead info
24 Nov 2019 EGKA Junior Southern Grading Course, Ash Vale, Surrey info
30-01 Nov-Dec 2019 EGKA Winter Gasshuku, Wirral info


Would all event organisers please email the webmaster to advise of any changes to the joining instructions of their event listed above. Thank you.

If your Dojo is running an event that is open to other EGKA members then please email the webmaster with the details for inclusion in the list above.