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EGKA Standard forms

EGKA New Membership/Renewal Application Form

Application form for completely new member

Existing EGKA member applying to renew their annual membership/licence

Applications should be sent together with a cheque made payable to ‘EGKA’:

EGKA Membership
PO Box 980
Surrey. GU15 9GT

Remember you can always join and renew your EGKA membership online. Most credit and debit card accepted.

Grading Registration Forms

Adult and Junior Dan Grade Registration Form (v.10–2013)

Kyu Grade Registration Form (v.10–2013)

Students intending to grade at 12 Quays in December 2013 should email the Secretary to confirm their intention to present for grading, stating the rank they wish to try for. There is no longer a requirement to email or post in grading applications to the Secretary in advance of the grading. Candidates should retain their grading forms and present them to the grading registration desk on the day.

All grading fees will be collected when you register for your grading on the day.

Student Grading Certificate Application Form

The form instructors need to use to order certificates for students who have successfully passed their gradings.

MS Excel Version.
PDF Version.

Instructor Insurance (TL Risk Solutions)

It is mandatory that all EGKA recognised instructors and assistant instructors maintain their own personal instructor indemnity insurance. Many of our instructors use TL Risks Solutions and you can now apply online for cover by clicking here. For further information click here.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Service

The EGKA has adopted a new method of obtaining a CRB check for its instructors and people who hold a position of trust in the EGKA, or at dojo level. For further information please contact the Association Secretary. You can obtain our instructions on how the apply for a CRB check by clicking here.

Please make a note of our EGKA Account Number 101024. You will need this reference as part of the online form application.

Competition Planning Spreadsheets (MS Excel)

You are welcome to use the following karate competition forms for your own event:

1. Kumite competition planning, scoring and results programme. Click here.
2. Kata competition planning, scoring and results programme. Click here.
3. Team Kata competition planning, scoring and results programme. Click here.
4. Kata scoring sheets. Click here.

Events cash takings sheets (MS Excel)

There is no point re-inventing the wheel, so you are welcome to use the cash takings sheet for your own events:

EGKA event takings sheet. Click here.