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EGKA Southern Regional Goju Ryu Karate Competition, Sunday, 28th April 2019

We look forward to welcoming you to the EGKA Southern Regional Goju-Ryu Karate Competition to be held at Harewood College in Bournemouth.

We will be make an early start again this year at 09:00. Mats, chairs and equipment will be arriving at 8:00am. Depending on entries this year we plan to finish around 2:00pm as we must vacate the main hall by 3:00pm.

Competitors must be on-site and ready to begin at 9:00am. We shall begin with Kata, move onto Team Kata and then finish the day with Kumite. This year we shall be running the adult, cadet and junior classes simultaneously right from the start, allocating groups to mats as they become available.

It is every important that competitors stay in the hall and pay attention to the order of play as the competition progresses to avoid missing their slot. We know the hall can get very noisy and busy with several mats running their own competitions. The organisers will always tries very hard to find any missing competitors, but they can only delay a match for a few minutes. If a registered competitor misses their competition there is unfortunately nothing that can be done about it after the event has been run.

Entry Form

Please download and complete this Competition Entry Form and hand it to your Dojo Sensei as soon as possible before the closing date of 14th April 2019.

Latest Entry Submission Date

The final entry date for all entries to be submitted by Dojo Instructors to the co-ordinator, (register (at) egka.org.uk), is 14th April 2019. So please get your entry form to your instructor well before that date - please check with your instructor for their latest entry deadline. If you have any other queries please refer to your instructor.

Dojo Instructors please download the dojo entry spreadsheet Dojo Entry Spreadsheet and forward fully completed for all your dojo members.

Entry Fees:

We have kept the competition entry fee down to the same as previous years, namely £20.00
Entrants may elect to compete in one of the individual kata, group kata or sparring competitions, or all three.

Venue: Harewood College

Harewood College,
Harewood Ave,
Tel: 01202 398451

Directions given by Sensei Ernie to help navigate to the college:
If you come into Bournemouth on the A338, go over the flyover and take the next turning left signposted Vitality Stadium. At the mini roundabout take the second exit onto Littledown Avenue. Go onto the next mini roundabout and take the third exit. Harewood college is on the left on Harewood Avenue.

Please make sure you have a current EGKA membership

All competitors must ensure their EGKA membership is up to date when they enter, and also remains in force at least up to the day of the competition. Your dojo sensei will check your membership status when you give him or her your entry form. The EGKA will also check membership status of all winners and other entrants on a random basis during the day of the competition. Anyone found without a current membership will not be able to continue in the competition and will lose any trophies they may have won. Entry fees will not be refunded.

Competition Rules

• The competition is open to all EGKA members.

• For legal and insurance reasons, all competitors must have a current EGKA membership.

• Competitors can enter any one, two or all three of the kata, kumite or team kata competitions being run at each regional event.

• Competitors from one region are welcome to enter into either or both of the other two regional competitions as well as their own.

• Competitors are limited to the performing the katas appropriate for their grade, as directed by the senior judge in each group. They cannot perform a higher kata.

• The lowest grade in a team kata set determines the highest kata that team can perform.

• Junior competitors must be less than 15 years of age on the day of the competition.

• Cadet competitors must be aged 15, 16 or 17 years of age on the day of the competition.

• The adult competition is open to any EGKA member aged 18 or over on the day of the competition.

• For sparring, gloves and shin guards are compulsory. Gum shields, groin boxes, breast protectors and helmets are recommended, but remain optional.

• For obvious safety reasons, Kumite competitors must remove all jewellery. Failure to remove jewellery as directed by the referee or competition officials will automatically lead to forfeiture of the match.

• Kumite competitors will not normally be allowed to wear spectacles during a match. The final decision is down to the mat referee who is entitled to stop the match and revise his or her decision as they see fit. If a competitor is allowed to compete wearing spectacles they will accept sole responsibility for all liabilities arising from any breakages or damage to the spectacles or to the person arising from that decision.

• By entering, competitors acknowledge the possibility that they may sustain personal injury from participation in the event. Qualified first aid will be present throughout the event and if following an injury, competitors or their guardians choose to ignore the medical advice given, they will not hold the EGKA, individual officials, first aiders responsible for any consequences of their decision not to follow that advice.

• By entering, competitors agree and consent that any pictures or videos taken of them in connection with the competition may be used by the EGKA, at their sole discretion, for any purpose, without notification and/or compensation to the competitors appearing in those pictures or videos.

• Only trophies or medals for first, second and third places will be awarded.

• The decision of the match officials is final. Any dissension may result in immediate disqualification and exclusion from the rest of the competition.