Registering as an existing EGKA member for the first time on this online database


For further information please click here or to follow the EGKA Membership Instructional Guide for registration click Guide.

Please start by selecting one of the options below.

Important: Selecting one of the first four options (01 - 04) will require you to make an immediate online payment by card or PayPal as part of the registration process. Your registration will fail if you do not make the requested online payment before you close your browser session.

If your membership has some months still left to run, or you have recently sent in a cheque to the Membership Secretary, or you intend to pay by cheque, please make sure you select Option 5. This option does not require an online payment to be made to complete the online registration.

Family Groups. Only the person nominated to accept the annual billings for the family group should register by selecting either 04 or 05 as appropriate. All the other non-lead family members should be registered under Option 6.

We will always back-date the subscription period for each payment received. This may mean you will be asked to pay an additional sum to bring your subscriptions up to date.

Thank you.